Video Outpost "Too" is a video store in Possum Springs and is the place where Angus is employed.


Video Outpost "Too" is a brown brick building with a large display window that says DVD•VHS•GAMES•RENT•BUY, while the glass door says Video Outpost "Too". There is also a large sign on top of the building depicting the Video Outpost logo, a red rocket ship.

Video Outpost Too with Angus-0

Mae and Angus inside

Inside, several movies can be seen in the foreground, with titles such as Death Chill, Swamp Husband, Death Chill 3 or Be Nice.

It is located in Towne Centre and can be found past Party Barn and next door to the right of the Social Security Administration Office and Pastabilities (or Taco Buck after Pastabilities closes).


The video store sells mostly DVDs, but also has VHS Tapes in the adult section behind a curtain. The adult section is extensive enough that a historian had come to the store to look for an obscure video.

Despite having few visitors during a normal day, there tends to be a rush before Halloween for horror films. When Mae asks how the store stays open and how many people actually rent films, Angus replies that she "would be surprised".

Nightshift Clerk

Video Outpost Too Night Shift Clerk

Nightshift clerk

In Part 1 when Mae looks for Angus to fix her computer, a light brown, female deer with turquoise eyes will be found at the counter instead. All of her replies will always be in a form of a question, something that Mae remarks upon. She explains that Angus works day shift and that she only came in early that day.

She works the nightshift as she is at home with her baby during the day until her mom gets home from work. She also quite likes working at Video Outpost "Too", spending the day watching movies, eating candy, and meeting cute guys.

On the second day of Part 2, she can be seen at the counter again as Angus is out of town. She will have no additional dialog.


  • Mae points out that the "Too" in the store's name is actually an incredibly bad typo. The intended name of the store is unknown, though it's most likely to be "Video Outpost 2", signifying that it's actually a branch of a larger Video Outpost store.
  • Though the DVDs displayed on the shelves resemble typical cheesy low-budget horror films, the Night in the Woods development team sought to avoid specific pop culture references.[1]


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