Bea and Mae visit URevolution during their visit to Fort Lucenne Mall.


The URevolution is a clothing store similar to most edgy teenage mall stores, having a dark-to-purple color palette inside. Most of URevolution's clothing is Gothic, having t-shirt styles such as a bird being stabbed through the chest, a shirt with the word Droner, etc.

URevolution has a Store Clerk, a brown bear with two gauge earrings.


During one of Bea's optional hang-out sessions, Mae and Bea go to the Fort Lucenne Mall. One of the stores inside the mall is URevolution.

Mae and Bea enter URevolution, and are greeted by a clerk working in the store. Mae steals a belt buckle while Bea distracts the clerk. Right after, Mae persuades Bea to steal a belt buckle from the store, while Mae distracts the store clerk. Bea desides to not steal a belt buckle, and they both leave the store.

At the end of the hang-out session, Bea persuades Mae into giving back the stolen belt buckle, and they both apologize to the clerk for stealing.

Shoplifting Mini-Game

There's a shoplifting minigame in which Mae steals a belt buckle. The mini-game is almost identical to the mini-game at the Trolleyside News, except instead of stealing pretzels, Mae steals a belt buckle.

In order to beat the mini-game, the player must move Mae's arm while the store clerk isn't looking, and stop Mae's arm while the clerk is looking.