Trolleyside News is a underground building located in Possum Springs within the Trolley Tunnel.


Trolleyside news

Mae standing outside of the Trolleyside News

The Trolleyside News is a small metal building. They sell pretzels and pierogi, they also have tables where you can eat at and a green trash can. An unknown worker works there. He is a cream dog with red eyes and a red nose and always wears a hat.


Xd raer

Mae attempting to steal a Pretzel

The worker mentions that the establishment has been up for 50 years, but it's not a restaurant. He calls Mae a thief as she stole from this place long ago.

Night in the Woods

You can steal some pretzels by finding the rats in Mallard's Tomb. You can steal for 4 days to feed the rats which will eventually can give you the achievements Mother of Vermin and Miracle Rats.