Lori: "The train shakes my room at night."
Mae: "Yeah in the winter I can hear it. One of my favorite noises."
Lori: "Well you don't have to wake up with *huff* bits of ceiling on you."
Mae: "Good point."

The Train Tracks, or just also known as the Tracks, run north of Possum Springs and are still active. Mae is invited here twice by Lori M. to hangout with her.


Mae considers the train running in winter, when the leaves are down, as one of her favorite sounds. Even when she first comes back to Possum Springs, she recollects the sound with fondness. Yet for those who live on the low-income Chestnut Street, the train is an annoyance due to their proximity. Lori dislikes it at she often wakes up with bits of ceiling on her as the trains shake her house which is only three minutes away from the tracks.

There are also those who enjoy going down to the tracks. Casey for instance used to often come here for a smoke, while Lori often enjoys mashing small metal figurines by train atop the tracks. And sometimes Lori may even come out there at night and sleep between the two tracks from 5 minutes to an hour.

Night in the Woods


Sound of the Train

Upon coming home from college outside the bus stop, Mae can observe a train coming down the tracks and reminisce the sound of it.

Part 2: Weird Autumn, Day 3

Lori will invite Mae down to the tracks to hang out with her. If agreed, the two will walk along the track while chatting until they find a good spot to squish a metal figurine. The two will proceed to lie down between the tracks with their feet on the tracks and lift them as trains comes by to squish the metal dude.

Part 3: The Long Fall, Day 3

Mae and Lori Between Trains

Trains passing by Mae and Lori

Once again, Lori will as Mae to come down to the tracks with her. As before, the two will walk along the tracks until they reach a suitable location. This time, Lori will want to to mash a new metal figurine with the one that they had flattened before. As they lay on opposite tracks waiting for the trains, Lori will divulge more of her personal self to Mae.