Mae: "Just a lot of asphalt, weeds, and broken glass."
Germ: "It's so pretty. I love it."

The Parking Lot or the Lots is a large, empty space to the west of Towne Centre. Mae hangs out here with Germ during his first friendship quest.


Much of the parking lot is a vast and empty flat land where one can easily see the entire sky from. There most likely used to be many cars parking here when it was originally built, but now only exists as a unoccupied space. However, there does seem to be an abandoned car in which Mae and Gregg will vandalize and take a car battery from.

In the morning, fog tends to roll over the lots and will appear like an ocean if viewed from the surrounding hills. Germ notes that a herd of deer crosses the lots during this time.


The parking lot was built for back during better times when there were more jobs where there used to be several factories around the lot including the now abandoned glass factory and the current sewing place. The lot also gave parking to the Food Donkey, an old second hand shop store, a shoe store, and a record store, all of which are now closed due to the dwindling economic situation in Possum Springs.

Night in the Woods

Part 2: Weird Autumn

Day 1

The parking lot can be first seen when the Food Donkey becomes accessible either by visiting normally or through Gregg's first friendship quest, though will only be seen in the background.

Day 2

Car Battery Caper

Mae about to bash up an abandoned car

On the second day, the lot is accessed during Gregg's second friendship quest, mechanics, whereby Gregg seeks out an abandoned car in the parking lot to take a battery from.

Day 3

Germ will invite Mae to hang out with him in the parking lot for his first friendship quest, which is about a stone's throw from where Germ normally hangs about in front of the Food Donkey.