The Bridge is an area at the very outskirts of town and is where Germ will also invite Mae to come here to hangout.


The bridge area is a road that heads into Possum Springs and is only a few miles from the highway, and beyond that start rolling fields and farms.

At the far right of the town boundary is a welcome sign with Possum Springs' slogan where much of the landscape is forests. From there it leads towards the bridge where a sign cautions the bridge freezes before the road and then into the town itself. Past the bridge, pastures and farmlands can be seen in the distance.

Underneath the bridge itself is a creek where a sewer pipe drains out. Inside the sewer pipe, the walls are covered in old graffiti.


Sewer Pipe

Sewer pipe beneath the bridge

The homeless often slept down in the sewer pipe underneath the bridge. However, this is dangerous as when it floods, those unfortunate to be in the pipes will often drown, as one person did in a few months before the start of the game.

Germ also started hanging around under the bridge around this time and had found a vulnerable possum in the pipe after the body had been pulled out. Germ fed and cared for the possum and named him Rabies.

Night in the Woods

Starting Part 3, the construction to the right of Maple Street will be done allowing her to reach the bridge at the outskirts of town. Besides a few interactions, there is nothing significant in this area in the story line. However, should the player hang out with Germ during his second friend quest here, then Rabies can be spotted again when sitting at the bridge during the Epilogue.

Germ's Invitation

Underneath the Bridge

Mae dropping down from the bridge

On the second day of Part 3, Germ will ask Mae to hang out with him for a second time. Should the player accept, the two will head down to the bridge. After being asked if Mae trusts Germ, he will jump down beneath the bridge regardless of her answer. Mae can then jump down after him, this being the only time it is possible, as she cannot do this again during a usual day.

In the sewer pipe, Mae will meet Rabies, Germ's sewer friend and pet.


Part 3: The Long Fall

  • Mae can look at the farmlands (x2)
  • She can sit at the bridge
  • She can examine the town welcome sign (x2)


  • If Mae met Rabies, she can see him hang down if she sits down on the bridge.