"I'm gonna eat the shit out of some tacos."

— Mae

Taco Buck is a restaurant that opens in Pastabilities former location, to the right of the Social Security Administration Office. Danny is an employee at Taco Buck, and holds a sign saying "TACO BUCK, NOW HIRING" and describes his position as a "Taco Artisan".


Taco Buck is a taco restaurant in a brown apartment building, next door to the Security Administration Office. To the far left of Taco buck is the 1063 Building, and on the right of the apartment building is Video Outpost "Too". The glass door at the entrance of the restaurant has a taco on it, and a green and white striped awning lines the glass window to the restaurant.

Night in the Woods

Taco Buck opens on Day 13, or the Epilogue, of Night in the Woods. Like Pastabilities, the player cannot enter the restaurant. However, they can talk about the restaurant with Danny out front.