Snack Falcon is a convenience store located in Possum Springs and is part of a larger chain of stores.


A fairly recent addition to the town; Possum Springs' Snack Falcon is one of the few businesses that seem to be doing well in light of the economic downturn. Since the Food Donkey closed down, the townsfolk now get their groceries from the Ham Panther or the Snack Falcon. Possum Springs' single store is located between the abandoned theater and Miller's in Towne Center.


Inside the Snack Falcon

Inside the Snack Falcon

The store is a small single store structure constructed with red brick. Typical of convenience stores, the storefront is dominated by a large expanse of glass to show off the business' wares to passerbys. The roof appears to be shingled and a large industrial A/C compressor is installed there. Their logo is a falcon holding one of their cups. On the door it says "OPEN" and has a sticker that says "swoop in for a deal", along with a sticker of their cup. 

Behind the cashregister

Behind the cash register

On the inside, the store's shelves are stocked with a variety of typical convenience goods including Crunchster Original and Crunchster Angry Pepper nachos, Snake-Ums!, sandwiches, Snookle, Fiasco soft drinks, and slushies. Gregg can be found manning the counter. Jaunty music plays through the store's speakers.

The store advertises a "Snack to School" promo as well as "Megazillion Powerprime" scratch lottery tickets. According to the LED display board mounted on top of the chiller, the jackpot amounts to 2.6 million dollars.


Gregg works at the Snack Falcon full-time to afford to move to Bright Harbor with Angus. Despite this, his work performance borders on recklessness as he frequently indulges in various unprofessional activities while on shifts, including:

  • Breaking the store's supply of fluorescent light tubes for leisure.
  • Allowing Steve Scriggins to shoplift.
  • Clocking out early and pretty much leaving whenever he wants to.
  • Wearing soda cups on his ears.


  • Gregg reports to Christine, who may be the store's manager.
  • Generic NPCs may be be seen walking with a Snack Falcon beverage in hand.
  • Bea wonders how Gregg is still employed.
  • Gregg is the Snack Falcon's only employee, so Christine is forced to keep Gregg as an employee.