Mae: "It looks kinda... uh..."
Gregg: "...Exactly like a haunted house."
Mae: "Yeah"

The Shreigeist House is the current headquarters of the Possum Springs Historical Society and an ghost investigation location in Part 3.


The Shreigeist House is a very old manor with at least four floors along with an attic and a basement. The primary staircase of the house has become unsafe for use and instead the former home has been outfitted with numerous modern elevators. Strangely these elevators mostly only head to one or two floors without connection to one another, making the elevators a common sight on every floor.


The Shreigeist House was originally owned by a prominent business owner in Possum Springs, Harrison Shreigeist. However, the house has since become the headquarters and educational center for the Possum Springs Historical Society. Elementary school students often come here to learn about the history of Possum Springs through guided tours or attend the summer arts and crafts programs.

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The old manor is also rumored to be haunted according to former Custodial Head Jed Nussomme, who often reported strange happenings such as someone walking around or trying doorknobs while Nussomme was alone. Even after requesting to work daylight hours, Nussomme could no longer bear the strange happenings and ultimately resigned.

Night in the Woods

When choosing to head to the Historical Society with Gregg during an investigation event during Part 3 in the scene 'the historical society', Mae will ride along with Gregg on his bike there. The two will break into the basement and head through several floors through the numerous elevators throughout the mansion to find the map room and the off-limits area to investigate.

Map Room Animatronic

The Map Room animatronic

The fourth floor has a locked elevator in which Gregg will have to lock pick. This requires grabbing the pliers from the toolbox in the map room (on the same floor) and a paperclip from the office on the second floor from the elevator on the third floor.

Once Gregg starts working to unlock the elevator, the two will notice another person is in the building with them who is seemingly following after them. Once Gregg unlocks the elevator, it leads them back into the basement, where the entry door is locked. Thus Gregg will then try to unlock the second elevator in the basement which leads them all the way to the attic.

Shreigeist House Fire Escape

Running down the fire escape

The attic has a painting that seem to depict a scene from Mae's dreams, but due to the mysterious chaser, the two are forced to break a window and escape through the fire escape. The ghost can be seen as Mae descends the fire escape through the window.