A clickable icon on Mae's computer desktop, Sharkle emits one of the seven total different sounds he is capable of making.


Sharkle is a two-dimensional drawing on the bottom-right corner of Mae's laptop. His knees are continuously bending and straightening, making him bounce.

He has a small baseball cap atop his head, and his mouth is constantly open, forming a small smile at the edge. His eyes are wide, and he doesn't seem to need to blink.

Upon getting clicked on, he stops bending his knees and stands up straight, his bottom eyelids raise, and he waves his right fin. He also emits a funny-sounding chuckle or guffaw upon activation, and a speech bubble with an underlined "Sharkle" appears.


  • Sharkle appears in a dream Mae has when killed by a car battery with Gregg.
  • In the dream, Sharkle tells Mae that she must "go back" and she was "destined for great things," but when Mae asks for clarification, Sharkle refuses to share anything else, and starts laughing.