"I remember when Bea's family had a house and not a tiny depressing apartment."
— Mae

The Santello Apartment is where Bea lives with her dad after selling the family home after Mrs. Santello's passing. Mae comes here to hang out with Bea during her third friendship event, 'dinner at bea's'.


The building in which the apartment is located was erected in 1910 originally as a library that was gifted by Arnold A. Applebaum, but was later converted into apartments. It is located on Maple Street two buildings to the left of Selmers, but is not accessible.

The Santellos live on the third floor of the building in which an Arnold Applebaum statue is directly outside of Bea's bedroom.

Night in the Woods

Dinner with the Santellos

Dinnertime with the Santellos

Mae can visit the apartment during Part 2 on the third day if she chooses to hang out with Bea during the event, 'dinner at bea's'. After helping choose ingredients at the Ham Panther, Mae will enter the home and sit down with Bea and her father, Mr. Santello, for dinner. The meal's excellence is determined by the ingredients chosen and can give the achievement Accidentally Good Dinner.

Later they all will watch TV in the living room where Bea and her father will have an argument about matters concerning work at the Ol' Pickaxe. This prompts Bea to bring Mae into her room to hang out instead.

Beas Room

Mae hanging out in Bea's room

In Bea's room, Mae will notice that much of her things are still in boxes, though her room is much less messier than at her old home as a consequence. Mae can also remark on the record player that is playing, which was owned by Mrs. Santello.

Eventually, Mae will remark on the argument Bea had with her father and how unfair it is. This causes Bea to lash out at Mae which causes an awkward moment and having Mae to leave.