"Well, that's one thing about music- It fills empty space!"

— Saleem

Saleem is a resident of Possum Springs and enjoys playing the violin.


Saleem is a brown bear with turquoise eyes. Atop his head between his ears are a pair of fur tufts. He wears a long-sleeved salmon-colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up along with tan slacks and dark brown shoes.

Saleem is never seen without his light brown violin.


Not much is known of Saleem except that he has a job, but enjoys playing his violin on a roof in Towne Centre. He also has good knowledge of Possum Springs' history, as he knows the story of the Deep Hollow Hollerers, a local music group from the 20s to 40s.

Saleem is also in a long-term monogamous relationship.

Night in the Woods

Saleem is first encountered by Mae in Part 3 during its second day on the top of the first building to the left of the church steps. He can be found again the next day at the same spot and can be enticed to join Sadie at the Husker Bee Ballroom (assuming the player has spoken to Sadie). The day after then, Mae will find Saleem with Sadie playing together at the abandoned ballroom stage earning the achievement, Deep Hollow Hollerers.

If the player examines the Deep Hollow Hollerer flyers to the left of the stage on their third meeting, Saleem will tell the player about the D.H.H.'s history.

Both Sadie and Saleem will be found playing together during the Epilogue in the Trolley Tunnels, but cannot be interacted with.


  • Mae mistakes Saleem's violin for a fiddle, which is very similar to a violin, but with several minor distinctions between them.