"You need a lot of parties to keep a barn running."
— Angus

The Party Barn was a Possum Springs retail store that sold and rented party supplies and hosted birthday parties, but has since gone out of business.

The band holds its practice inside on the Party Barn's stage.


Party Barn Interior

The Birthday Zone stage

The store is found in Town Centre as a plain, double story brick building on the left of the war monument. The store had gone out of business during the time Mae had left for college and has a for sale sign in its storefront. Its front door tends to get stuck, no matter how often its used.

Inside, the band uses the 'Party Zone' stage as a practice area and leave much of their equipment inside when not in use.

Night in the Woods

Mae will visit the Party Barn every time there is band practice and again during the final scene in the Epilogue.

Part 1: Home Again

On Mae's first day back in Possum Springs, Gregg will gather up the band and hold Mae's first practice here. Mae will meet Angus and Bea for the first time in the game, but cannot explore the stage or interact with anyone as the first minigame song, Die Anywhere Else, is played immediately after.

Part 2: Weird Autumn

On the first day of Part 2, there is another band practice. During this scene, Mae can choose to talk to Germ, who is watching the band practice, or talk to Gregg and start the second song minigame, Weird Autumn. Afterward, the player can talk to all four characters present, Germ, Gregg, Angus, and Bea, and can choose between doing a friendship event with either Gregg or Bea.

Part 3: The Long Fall

Like the previous two band practices, the third occurs on the first day of Part 3. However, the scenes at the Party Barn are not controllable by the player and the third minigame song, Pumpkin Head Guy, is played. Afterward, Mae talks about her dreams and ghost sighting to the gang which leads to Bea suggesting to performing research at the library.

Epilogue: The Stars

A final scene is held on the Party Barn stage where Mae will either talk to Gregg or Bea, depending on who she spent the most time with. Eventually, the other members of the band, though without Germ, will show up.


  • In the Epilogue, Mae notices a Corpsedriver pentagram sticker and wonders what "4 pentagrams means," in reference to the three pentagrams needed for the Thryy Wyrd Tyyns achievement.