The Ol' Pickaxe is a hardware store located in Possum Springs.


The Ol' Pickaxe is a brick building. It has a glass window and a glass door with a sign that says "yes... we are OPEN". On the top it says 'Kremman's market house' which was most likely the store before this.


Bea currently works at the Ol' Pickaxe. She took over for her father when he got too stressed because his wife died. Bea says that she hates working there and would do anything to get an education to get a real job. The annual harfest play is hosted here as well.


According to Bea, she has the work of three employees and a store owner even though she doesn't own the shop. Mr. Santello on the other hand is the shop owner even though he barely works in the shop but everything is signed using his name. Danny also worked here for a short amount of time. Germ helped Bea move things around once for some under the table cash. Creek is a creep but they can't fire him because he is one of their best workers and he has a family to provide for.