Mrs. Miranda's House is only visited by Mae during Bea's second friend event.


Mrs. Miranda's House is a converted hunting cabin located up in the hills a mile out from Possum Jump. Mrs. Miranda herself lives in the house alone, though did used to reside there with her husband Gene, until his death.

Mrs Mirandas House Living Room

The house seen in game is separated into three parts: The front yard, the living room and kitchen, and the basement. The front yard has a large windmill that can be seen at the end of 'house call' that Mae can jump atop to collect fireflies. The main house itself is never actively explored, but the living room has a TV while the kitchen has a Luna Freez refrigerator and cabinetry.

The basement in Mrs. Miranda's house has many items scattered strewn about on shelves and cabinets. However, the largest object is heating furnace which Mae dubs Clanky. Mrs. Miranda remarks that the furnace is often loud and can keep her up at night, necessitating her to call the Ol' Pickaxe for repairs.

Night in the Woods

Mrs. Miranda's house is visited by Mae when she tags along with Bea during her work in 'house call.' Nothing can be interacted with in the front yard or in the main house, but the player can control Mae when in the basement.

As Bea works on the furnace, Mae will try to fix the furnace her own way by collecting random objects about the basement, such as a tennis racket, desk fan, fishing pole, lawn gnome, and a baseball bat. Mae's contraption ultimately does nothing as Bea fixes the furnace, though the two end up locked in the basement as Mrs. Miranda forgets about them.

This necessitates Mae to bash the furnace to cause enough noise and have Mrs. Miranda open the door. Once free, Mae and Bea sit out on the front porch. In an attempt to cheer Bea up, Mae will collect fireflies around the front yard and atop the windmill.