Mr. Twigmeyer is a next door neighbor of Mae in Possum Springs.


Mr. Twigmeyer is a light gray goat complete with two black, backward facing horns and a lighter gray beard. His eyes are turquoise and possesses normal circular irises. He wears a blue flannel shirt with dark brown slacks and black shoes.


Mr. Twigmeyer is a kind neighbor, in contrast to Mr. Penderson. Despite Mae's troublesome nature, he still considered her like a daughter. He also thought her to either go on to do great things or nothing at all.


Mr. Twigmeyer is a minor character, first appearing during the first chapter, second day. He is the first character Mae can interact with outside her house. Mr. Twigmeyer and Mae catch up.

The second and final time Mr. Twigmeyer appears is during the third chapter, when Mae is found and taken to the First Coalescence Church. Contrast to Mr. Penderson, Mr. Twigmeyer wishes for Mae to get well soon, and hopes for the people who harmed her to be found.