"Beh heh heh! That is history!"

— Mr. Chazokov

Mr. Chazokov was presumably Mae's astronomy teacher in high school. Mae can interact with Mr. Chazokov every two days to hunt for dusk stars.


Mr. Chazokov is a large, blue bear who wears a shirt and yellow tie underneath a red sweater along with black slacks and black shoes.

Initially, he's seen on the porch next door, but will be found later on the roof of Selmers' house every two days with his telescope looking for dusk stars.


Mr. Chazokov was a teacher when Mae attended school and lodges with the Forrester family.

Mr. Chazokov mentions to Mae that he moved to Possum Springs from another country (most likely Russia given his surname).

He has a son named Colin that works at a university research place and will visit Mr. Chazokov once in a while. According to Selmers, he is "hot as hell."


  • Despite Mae's poor behavior in school, Mae was actually one of his favorite students due to her love for astronomy.
  • Even though Mr. Chazokov is blue, when he speaks his text bubble is brown.