"I worry at the end of my life
You will be the only one I remember"

— Excerpt of Miss Quelcy's poem, "Letter to my Worst Student"

Miss Quelcy is a member of the Possum Springs Poetry Society and is encountered at the library.


Miss Quelcy is a tall, blue bird with a long yellow beak. Her hair is combed forward into three points. She also wears glasses along with an orange collared shirt with black pants.

She is seen with phone in hand and every so often pressing on it.


Miss Quelcy was from a large city, but eventually found herself in the small town of Possum Springs for unknown reasons.

When Mae was in high school, Miss Quelcy was the art teacher. Bea somewhat admires her as an "art survivalist" as she managed to make the art program work despite it not being well-funded, including herself. One of her poems mentions a student named Brian had keyed her car and she considers him her worst student.

Outside of school, she seems to lead the nascent Possum Springs Poetry Society and take notes on her phone.