"Dude. This is a tomb. This is Mallard's tomb."
— Mae eponymizing the tomb
Mallard's Tomb is a storage room located in the Telezoft building and it is where Mallard P. Bloomingro is kept.


Possum Springs used to host a spring parade in which the prominent feature was a large parade float (among several others) with a duck named Mallard P. Bloomingro. The Spring Parade was the largest event in the spring along with the Easter Basket Blessing at the church. However, the parade was cancelled indefinitely when the Mallard float snapped from its tether and ran over Chris Evans' legs.

With no more event, the Possum Springs Chamber of Commerce kept all the parade items and floats into storage in several rooms atop the Telezoft building, dubbed Mallard's Tomb by Mae.

Mae considered Mallard to be one of her favorite things as a child.

Night in the Woods

Open Window

The open window to Mallard's Tomb

The player can first visit Mallard's Tomb when the lamppost is fixed starting Part 2 by hopping atop the lamppost next to the church steps and jumping across the power lines to the left until above the Ol' Pickaxe. From there to the right, the player must jump atop the Towne Centre Family Practice building and then onto the Telezoft building. There will be an open window on this ledge that can be interacted with which prompts a small minigame in which Mae must open a window.

Mallard's Tomb can be entered anytime whenever afterward so long as Mae is in Towne Centre.


  • Mae can examine the Spring Parade decorations
  • She can try the locked exit door
  • She can look at Mallard
  • She can reach into Mallard


Rat Babies

If Mae examines the torn hole inside Mallard, she will find several rat babies nesting within. Mae can then feed these rats by stealing a pretzel once a day from the Trolleyside News. Attempting to feed the rats will then prompt a minigame in which Mae must move a pretzel from side to side and to anticipate the jumping rats so that they may latch onto the pretzel. Doing this at least once will earn the achievement, Mother of Vermin.

Feeding the Rats

Mae feeding the rats

After each successful feeding, the next time will feature one additional rat to latch on to the pretzel. While increasing in difficulty, it is not possible to fail. Once the rat babies are successfully fed for three days, the achievement, Miracle Rats, is gained. This also causes a rat population boom in Possum Springs that results in multiple rats appearing throughout Mallard's Tomb and around the ledge outside it.

Mae can also visit inside the Food Donkey during the Epilogue and witness her innumerable rat children once Miracle Rats is achieved.