He made me start a journal.
A journal?
Yeah he kinda just said it would help to be able to get my thoughts down
Did it work?
Kinda? Sorta?
— Mae Borowski, talking to either Bea or Gregg about her journal.

Mae's journal is a journal prescribed to her by Dr. Hank after The Incident, as a way for her to cope with her mental issues. The journal is used by Mae throughout the story and can be looked through by the player whenever they want. After the ending credits, the player can skim through Mae's journal, to see how many pages they've obtained.


After the incident, the journal was given to Mae by Dr. Hank, as he assumed this would help Mae cope with her anger management. Since then, Mae has used a journal to doodle in as a way of summarizing her thoughts, as well as what she's done that day.


Despite being a main part of the events, the journal never directly affects the story and its events. The journal acts as a summary of the story and tells the player what Mae is thinking of during certain events.

The journal was also prescribed to Selma by Dr. Hank, brought up to Mae during one of her optional chat's while Mae walk's through Possum Springs.

Mae's journal is also brought up when she talks to either Bea or Gregg, near the end of the game. Mae explains how she obtained her journal, and that it may or may not be helping in the long run.