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"... being interesting is all you can ever hope to be."

— Mae's Grandfather (By proxy through Mae)

Mae's grandfather is a background character in Night in the Woods that plays a pivotal role in the game, and a primary character in the supplementary game Lost Constellation.


He is a blackish blue cat with glasses similar to his son Stan Borowski, and a nick in his ear. At the time of the events of Night in the Woods, he had already passed away. His ghost shows him with a button-up jacket over a white shirt.

Doodle RIPGranddad

The first drawing Mae draws in her journal references her Granddad


Very little is known of his early years, or of any time other than after Mae's birth. In Lost Constellation, he is shown to read Mae bedtime stories which we can assume was a common occurrence. He would read scary stories and this probably spawned, if not fueled, Mae's love for scary ghost stories. He also left her his large collection of horror stories, something Mae greatly appreciates.

After the boxes covering the crawl space in Mae's house are moved by her father, Mae can find a mysterious tooth that has some connection to her grandfather.

In the Weird Autumn update, more is revealed about him. Meeting with Miss Rosa in the subway tunnels reveals that he was a kind and quiet person generally. Mae's Grandfather was also a bit of a troublemaker, once slashing the tires of his boss's fancy car, breaking the windshield with a rock, and urinating through the windshield hole in a fit of rage, due to the incredibly poor payment he and his co-workers received. It's implied that after this, he and Miss Rosa had some sort of romantic or sexual encounter, but it isn't said how far it went. His ghost can also be seen at The Church of the First Coalescence by following Mom's sidequest and accepting to sleep at the Church's library.


Mae's grandfather is shown to be a kind and caring person who loved his family. He greatly enjoyed ghost and horror stories and would often read them to Mae at her request. He acts somewhat similar to his granddaughter in that he his slightly impatient and sarcastic, but has other people's interests at heart. Miss Rosa described him as being mostly plain and melancholic, but funny and wild on occasion. His son, Stan Borowski, describes him as distant, but trying.


  • Mae Borowski- Mae had a very strong connection with her grandfather, one that clearly shapes who she is now. He would tell her ghost stories, and read her books when she was little to help her fall asleep. After his death, Mae remembers him in a positive light, fondly reminiscing over the apple crate of horror books he left her. Mae's first doodle in her journal features a 'RIP Granddad ❤', and throughout the game Mae scribbles more doodles mentioning or featuring her grandpa. In the Weird Autumn update, if Mae follows Candy's side-story, and takes a nap in The Church of the First Coalescence library, his ghost/spirit can be seem visiting Mae, silently watching over his granddaughter. He disappears once Mae wakes up.
  • Stan Borowski - It can be assumed their relationship was amicable, prior to his passing. There is dialogue in the game from Mae, that hint towards his relationship with his father growing up being rocky. Mae describes her father describing his dad as "distant, but trying." It is unknown whether or not Stan knows of his fathers' one-night stand with Miss Rosa, though dialogue between Mae and Miss Rosa imply that he doesn't.
  • Candy Borowski - Not much is known about their relationship, although it can be surmised that their relationship was at the very least amicable, as she trusted him to read to her daughter every night.
  • Miss Rosa - He and Rosa were good friends in their younger adult years, having grown up in the same town and gone through similar life experiences. At some point he met Miss Rosa after he ruined the car of a rich mining boss. The two ran from the crime scene, into the forest, and presumably had a one night stand. It's clear that Miss Rosa still admires him, whether be it romantic or otherwise.
  • Mae's Grandmama - Grandmama is presumed to be Mae's Grandfather's wife, prior to the game. Not much is known about their relationship, although from what Stan and Miss Rosa say, it can be assumed their relationship was rocky.


  • Mae's grandfather has notches in his ear, similar to both Mae and Eide. It should be noted that Mae and her grandfather only have notches on one ear, while Eide has notches on both ears.
  • Mae sometimes includes him at random points in her journal.
  • The tooth found in the crawl space is said to be a reference to an event where angry miners forcibly removed the teeth of their bosses who had previously knocked out the final tooth of an old miner. These teeth would then be kept, before passing them down to the next generation, implying that the tooth was handed down to Mae's grandfather. This tooth can inspire Stan to possibly unionize alongside his employees at the Ham Panther, mirroring his own father's past actions.
  • The first page of Mae's journal features nothing but the words: "RIP Granddad".
  • In the Weird Autumn Edition of the game, Mae's grandfather's ghost can be seen in the Church's library room if she goes to take a nap.