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Lost Constellation was the second supplemental game, released in December 2014 to anticipate Night in the Woods' release, and expands more on the mythology and themes of the NITW world, as well as possibly acting as a foreshadowing for the actual story. The game is a "story within a story" being a fairy tale told to Mae by her grandfather, about an astronomer, Adina Astra, and her journey to the Frozen Lake, having to traverse through the Forest and the supernatural figures she encounters along the way. The player can interact with certain objects, and talk to the various characters, as well as little minigames where the player can design a snowman (and save an image of it).


The story is a bedtime story recited to Mae by her grandfather, and takes place "where [his] grandparents came from, but long before they lived". Adina Astra, an astronomer, wishes to travel to the Frozen Lake during Longest Night in order to see the ghost of her deceased lover, as well as see the Ghost Star where the dead's souls head to, part of the "Lost Constellation" in the game's title. However, Adina must travel through the Forest first, which is controlled by the Forest God who is the only one who allows passage through. However, as Adina journeys through the forest and meets an array of colorful characters, she ends up embroiled in the final stages of a centuries-long conflict between the Forest God and the sinister "Huncher", a "survivor" who now controls the forest and will see any travelers dead.