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This article is for the supplemental game rather than the festival that holds some importance in the world of Night in the Woods.

Longest Night was the first "supplemental" game, released in December 2013, as the first of experimental "side-stories" to anticipate the release of Night in the Woods, as well as give a clearer picture of the "world" and lore of the general setting.

This game can be downloaded on separately or can be accessed as an extra in Night in the Woods in all versions of the game (as of the Weird Autumn update).



The game is simple and features Mae and her friends watching the constellations (in terms of gameplay, the player must "link up" the stars according to which sound they make), an activity that is part of "Longest Night" (an equivalent to Christmas, or more likely the Winter Solstice), though as the game ends it reveals that the entire game was actually a dream of Mae's.


The Thirteen Constellations

  • Ibon, the First Singer
  • Mundy, the World Fish
  • Tollmetron
  • Invenerus, Inventor of Music
  • The Broken Snake
  • Rubello, the Pope
  • Harmonium, the Singing Angel
  • Lucio, the Fox
  • Corvin, the Thief
  • The Mice Writers
  • Marmanodes, the Little King
  • Quinona
  • A Fish