-Newspaper Article in the Library

Little Joe or Joe Shade is a minor charactor, who used to mine during the industrial era of Possum Springs. He is well known for the ghost stories revolving around him.


Joe Shade is a cat, who used to work in the Possum Springs mines. His skull has a small bullet wound near the upper-right corner of the forehead. His final resting place is located in Possum Springs Cemetery.


Joe Shade used to be a miner in Possum Springs past, who died of "Mysterious Circumstances". It's presumed he was shot, judging by the bullet hole on his head.

Newspaper Article

During a part of the game where Mae and Bea go to the Library to find evidence of any disappearances by ghosts, they find a newspaper article talking about Little Joe.


"As the school children are quick to inform you, Possum Springs has at least one resident who won't show up on any census survey.

"Little Joe", purportedly the ghost of Joe Shade, a miner who died in mysterious circumstances some decades ago, is a favorite spook story of the whimsical and weird members of our community. His most recent activities seem to involve getting up out of his coffin in the old section of Possum Springs Cemetery,and strolling around, unnerving visitors to the largest graveyard in Deep Hollow County.

His grave has become a destination for unruly and often destructive local youths, and as such Possum Springs City Council is considering erecting an iron gate to protect the historical tombstones that fill the small hollow where Joe Shade lies buried. Police have also stepped up patrols in the area. So be warned, thrill-seekers! You may not see a ghost, but you may see a fine for trespassing!"