Jenny's Field is a large field on the outskirts of Possum Springs.


According to Mae's mother, Jenny's Field was named after Jenny, a small girl who visited the field with her mother in the 1930s. As the two walked the field, with Jenny out in front, she suddenly disappeared into a sinkhole concealed by the tall grass. This was due to a pillar collapse in the mines in the hills. Her body was never found.

Candy Borowski often used to visit the field with her friends when she was younger and climbed the old lime furnace left behind by United. Despite it being a field, it also used to have more trees until they were cut down for the power lines to be put up.

Night in the Woods

Jenny's Field Atop the Hill

Mae and her mother at Jenny's Field

Mae can visit the field with her mother, who is slacking from her work at the time, and they will walk together as Candy tells Mae about the history of the field. At some point, Mae will fall into a pre-existing hole, and her mother will carry on walking, joking about her daughter's misfortune.

Eventually, the pair will come across an old blast furnace, half sunk into the ground. Mae will climb the furnace, with Candy saying that she used to but that her climbing days are over due to a combination of birthing Mae and a poor diet. Once Mae reaches the top, the duo briefly converse before Candy departs, leaving Mae at the top of the furnace.

Once visited, the player can gain the achievement, Jenny's Field.


  • Candy states her intention was to have Mae disappear in a sinkhole, though this is just an obvious joke.