Jen is Gregg's cousin. She was added to Night in the Woods in the Weird Autumn update.


Much like Gregg, Jen is an orange fox. Main differences are that her eyes are red, she has lighter orange marks above her eyes, and her fur sticks out along her cheeks. She wears a long-sleeved black shirt, a black handkerchief around her neck, black shorts, beige stockings, and grey shoes.


Jen lives in Bright Harbor attending school there, majoring in fashion design, and knows about her cousin's plans to move to Bright Harbor as well, looking forward to his visit. Much like Gregg, she uses a crossbow, but seems to use it more as she often hunts wild, small animals with it, primarily rabbits. She briefly visits Possum Springs to pick up stuff from Gregg's mom, hanging around Bruce's shelter to shoot one of the trees for practice as she doesn't get much chance to shoot during school.