The Husker Bee Ballroom was a former dance club in Possum Springs, but has long since been abandoned.


The Husker Bee Ballroom was the Deep Hollow Hollerers' club during the 20s to 40s and was a popular destination for Possum Springs residents during hard times. However, suddenly the D.H.H. had abandoned the ballroom in favor of playing out in the woods, leaving the place without its primary draw. Eventually the ballroom was abandoned, barring rats and pigeons, and fell into disrepair.

It wasn't until when Sadie gained the nerve to break into that the Husker Bee Ballroom had anyone on its stage playing music.

Night in the Woods

The Husker Bee Ballroom stage is an accessible area in the abandoned building between the Clik Clak Diner and the Snack Falcon. The room can be reached by Mae through the door on the roof of Gregg and Angus's apartment building, which you can reach once the roof door has been fixed on the second day of Part 3.

Upon first reaching the place, Sadie can be found sitting on the stage playing her saxophone for an audience of pigeons. On the left side of the stage a poster with a pentagram can be seen which is part of the 'Thryy Wyrd Tyyns' achievement.

On the day after, the player can speak to Sadie again and mention Saleem to her to suggest them playing together (assuming Mae has met and spoken to Saleem prior). If done correctly, the two will be found playing together on the Husker Bee stage allowing for the achievement, Deep Hollow Hollerers. Flyers of the D.H.H. will be set up by Saleem from the backstage to the left of the stage allowing Mae to learn about the Deep Hollow Hollerers.