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Gregg and Angus's apartment is found in the 1063 building and a common meeting spot for the band.


Gregg and Angus live in a fully-furnished one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a living room in the 1063 Building, two blocks from Gregg's place of work, the Snack Falcon. According to the intercom, the two most likely live high up in the building.

Gregg and Angus Bedroom

Gregg and Angus's room

The apartment bedroom has a single bed atop of two drawers with a standing desk with Angus's computer underneath. Gregg also has his own unseen desk, in which he pulls out a box for a seat.[1] All along the walls are posters and there are multi-colored lights strung up on the ceiling.

Night in the Woods

Part 1: Home Again

Mae Finds Angus at his Apartment

Mae meeting Angus to fix her laptop

Mae first enters the apartment when she seeks Angus to fix her laptop. Once successfully buzzing him through the intercom in the main lobby, Angus receives Mae through his unlocked apartment, as Gregg often forgets to lock the front door. Mae can freely explore the entire apartment, but cannot interact with anything besides with Angus himself.

Upon conversing with Angus about Mae's computer problems, the two will head into the bedroom where Angus hands Mae a USB stick to use in her laptop to clear up her issues. Mae heads home then to see if it works.

Part 2: Weird Autumn

Mae will enter the apartment again if the player chooses to hang out with Gregg on either of his first two friendship events. On the first event, the two will move the box of animatronic parts up through the 1064 building stairs and into the apartment living room.


Mae and Gregg after successfully assembling the rabbit animatronic

The second event has Mae and Gregg (with his Pickelhaub) in the living room again after stealing the car battery. Here Mae can assemble the animatronic through a minigame. Afterward, she will switch on the machine, but not without electrifying herself, leaving her shocked on the living room floor where Angus comes home to witness the scene.

On the final day of Part 2, after heading to the library with Bea to look up ghost sightings, the entire band reconvenes in the apartment living room. The gang discusses who each should go with Mae where to different ghost spotting locations.

Part 3: The Long Fall

If the player had chosen to hang out with Gregg at least twice during Part 2, then Mae will again hang out with Gregg on the second day of Part 3. Mae, Gregg, and Angus will all be in the living room thinking about where to go and decide on Donut Wolf, much to Angus's reluctance.


  1. Scott Benson [@bombsfall] (26 Mar 2017) "Angus got into the standing desk thing to get more in shape. Gregg just scootches a box out and sits on that." (Answer) – via Curious Cat.