"You need to be upset. What's coming to you, little girl, is three times the trouble you deserve. You are going to go down hard, not far from here. You will go down in these woods. (...) Little girl, I don't know what you did. You've got a dark spot in you that one day is gonna take a life. Might be someone else's. Or it might be yours. Mark my words. You're doomed."

- Gramma to Mae

Gramma is the grandmother of Germ. She was added in the Weird Autumn update.


Gramma is a dark green bird with a darker green circle around her eyes. Her eye color and beak are both orange. She wears a grayish-blue muu muu and slippers. She looks very old and tired.


Gramma seems to be almost prophetic. She is aware that Mae will encounter trouble "not far from here", referring to the mines where she confronts the cult that lead to the well in their backyard. She also predicts the death of the Cult due to the mine collapsing, though doesn't say this directly. At the end of her talking though, after Mae becomes upset and frustrated by her, she says that she was joking. She seems to enjoy watching "Judge Janice" on television, asking Mae to run along so she can continue watching the show.


  • Germ - Germ seems to think very highly of his grandmother and her advice. He gets excited to introduce Mae to her, and adamantly insists that she not tell him what she was told as it would lose its value.
  • Germ's Mother - She and Germ's mother seem to have a decent relationship, though Mom Warton is wary of her, warning, "Whatever happens is on you," to Germ when he wants to introduce Mae to her.
  • Germ's Father - Her relationship with Germ's father is unknown, but she is presumably either his mother or mother-in-law.
  • Warton Family - Gramma has numerous grandchildren between Germ's sisters and cousins, as well as multiple children or in-laws with Germ's uncles. Her relationship with them is unknown.
  • Mae Borowski - Gramma seems to know a lot about Mae when Mae hardly knows her.
  • Mae's Grandfather - It is unknown if they knew each other at all, but she first refers to Mae as a "sturdy girl", something Mae's grandfather would call her, and leads to Mae wondering if they knew each other.


  • In the cut content found within the game prior to the Weird Autumn update, she claims that she has walked in dreams before like Mae. She also knows greatly about the Black Goat, and mentions the shapes that Mae saw when she beat up Andy Cullen with her bat. Whether or not she still knows this in canon is unknown.