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"You'll never half catch me, half coppaaaaah!!!

- Germ at Mae

Jeremy Warton, more commonly known as 'Germ Warfare', is a character in the game Night in the Woods.


Germ is a dark blue bird with a yellow beak and very dark navy eyes. He wears black jeans, black canvas sneakers, a black nylon jacket (zipped up), and a black hat.[1]


Germ can be found just past the Clik Clak Diner near the abandoned Food Donkey during and after the foggy day. Talking to him everyday and hanging out when asked will grant the achievement "He's From Somewhere". Germ will mention that at some point in his life he was chosen as a sacrifice for the cult and was stalked by a member of it. 

Germ had a brother who has passed away. When Mae talks to him about the ghost she saw during Harfest, Germ tells her he doesn't believe in ghosts. Mae asks him why not and he tells her that he figures if ghosts existed his brother would have visited. Embarrassed, Mae drops the subject.

Germ is seen living in the woods "in a tree". You never actually see his real house in the game until the Weird Autumn edition update was released. The well he saves the main gang from in the last chapter is apparently in his backyard.

Germ seems to care a lot about nature and the environment. He talks about foliage overgrowing the Food Donkey parking lot someday and adamantly insists on riding his bicycle over driving as it's better for the environment.



  • Mae - Mae and Germ become incredibly good friends if you choose to hang out with him a lot. They relate on a lot of stuff and Germ understands Mae's problems.
  • Gregg - Most commonly known through his friendship with Gregg by the audience and Gregg's friends, Gregg and Germ are certainly good friends. Germ occasionally hangs out at Gregg's apartment while Gregg happily obliges.
  • Bea - Bea mostly knows Germ through Gregg. The two will happily get along and conversate.
  • Angus - Not much is known about Germ and Angus' relationship, but Angus most likely knows Germ through Gregg and will happily oblige Germ watching band practice and hanging out at his and Gregg's apartment.
  • Casey Hartley - Germ most likely knew Casey as he mentions that he used to ask travellers if they have seen him.
  • Crust Punks - Germ occasionally hangs out with Crust Punks (whom Germ refers to as "crusties") out by the Food Donkey. The crusties are usually just passing through Possum Springs, waiting for the next train to jump. He seems to get along with these people. He does mention, however, that someone from the tracks followed him home once.
  • Rabies - Germ has a wild possum named Rabies who he introduces to Mae. He says that he found Rabies cold and alone so he bought him some chips and an ice cream. Germ is shown to be proud and amazed by this animal.


  • Mother - Germ has a good relationship with his mother. She is aware of Germ's affinity for Gramma, though is wary and warns "Whatever happens is on you." when he wishes to introduce Mae to her.
  • Father - Germ has a good relationship with his father. They both share an interest in computers, as Germ’s dad promises to take him out to an old computer show.
  • Gramma - Germ seems to value his grandmother very highly, as he's eager to introduce Mae. After Mae meets her, he insists that she doesn't tell him what she was told, as he believes what Gramma says to be special to each person, and if it's shared, it loses meaning. He has also said that "she's spooky sometimes."
  • Uncles - Germ presumably has a good relationship with his uncles, as they frequently visit. One uncle visiting playfully refers to him and his father as a "buncha dweebs" when they bond over computers.
  • Siblings - Germ has multiple younger sisters, who he regards as kids as they play on the tire swing out front and are absent from "Adults Night." He once had a brother passed away, and it can be infered that he misses him when he states he doesn't believe in ghosts as his brother would've visited.
  • Cousins - Germ has numerous cousins that frequently visit along with his uncles. They are presumably younger than him, as they are said to use the tire swing in the front yard and are absent from "Adults Night."