"Buncha dweebs, over here!"

- Germ's uncle (regarding Germ and his father)

Germ's uncle is a background character in Night in the Woods. He was added in the Weird Autumn update.


Germ's uncle is a dark green bird. His eye color is red and her beak is orange. He wears a yellow shirt with dark yellow sleeves, cyan pants, and orange boots.


Germ's uncle can be presumed to live in Saltztown, as he mentions that he and his crew work on bridges there. He and Germ's other uncle(s) frequently visit Germ's house, fixing cars with his dad. It can be presumed he likes sloppy joes, as Germ's mother states everyone in their family loves sloppy joes.


  • Germ - He is the uncle of Germ. They seem to get along well, playfully referring to him as a "dweeb" along with his father.
  • Germ's Father - He is either the brother or brother-in-law to Germ's father. They seem to have a good relationship, both sharing similar opinions on Ham Panther's management. He often teases him, Germ's uncle claims that Germ's father has it easy in terms of work and playfully refers to him as a "dweeb" along with Germ.
  • Germ's Mother - He is either the brother or brother-in-law to Germ's mother. Their relationship is unknown.
  • Warton Family - He is also the uncle of Germ's siblings, a late son and at least two daughters. He is either the brother or brother-in-law to Germ's other uncle(s). It's presumed he may have children, as Germ states that he has cousins, but it's possible they belong to Germ's other uncle(s).
  • Gramma - He is either the son or son-in-law of Gramma. Their relationship is unknown.