"I'm i n v i s i b l e!"

- Germ's father to Mae

Germ's father is a background character in Night in the Woods. Though he appears as early on as the first installment of the game, he doesn't have a speaking role until the Weird Autumn update.


Germ's father is a dark green bird. His eye color is blue and his beak is orange. The feather ruffles on his head are slicked back. He wears a beige shirt, blue pants, and brown boots.

In his work attire, he wears an orange vest with a white stripe over his shirt, an orange hard hat, and black protective eyewear.

Germ's father shoveling on the road of Maple Street


Germ's father works as part of the Department of Transportation, doing road work. He works on the Maple Street road during the fall season. He is familiar with Mae Borowski, having seen her while working, and her father, having used to have seen him at Miller's. He's openly in favor of unions and has a dislike for the management at Ham Panther. He also has an interest in computers, planning to take Germ to a computer show in another town. It can be presumed he likes sloppy joes, as his wife states everyone in their family loves sloppy joes.


  • Germ - He is the father of Germ. They seem to get along well. They both share an interest in computers, as Germ’s dad promises to take him out to an old computer show.
  • Germ's Mother - He is the husband of Germ's mother. Since they are still together, it's assumed they have a good relationship.
  • Germ's Siblings and Cousins - He is also the father of Germ's siblings, a late son and at least two daughters, as well as the uncle of Germ’s cousins.
  • Germ's Uncles - He is either the brother or brother-in-law to Germ's uncles. He seems to have a good relationship with at least one of them, both sharing similar opinions on Ham Panther's management and the uncle playfully referring to Germ and his dad as "a couple of dweebs".
  • Gramma - He is either the son or son-in-law of Gramma. Their relationship is unknown.


  • He can actually be seen as early as the very beginning of the game, working on the construction that blocks the road out of town. However, he can never be interacted with, and it’s not revealed to be him until Mae visits Germ’s house.