"That's a whoppah!"

— Garbo's catchphrase
Garbo & Malloy is a late-night TV show featuring the eponymous Garbo and Malloy.


Garbo & Malloy is a late-night TV show that seems to cover a multitude of topics from current events and politics to personal stories. They also perform off-site sketches such as counseling to joining cults.

Garbo and Malloy

Garbo is a brown dog with a white button up shirt and a green tie, and circular glasses. Garbo cracks many jokes, but is often self-deprecating. He normally ends every segment with his catchphrase, "That's a whoppah!"

Malloy is a blue crocodile that wears a white dress shirt underneath a yellow sweater vest with a red tie. When a segment is finished, Malloy will segue the show by announcing what is coming up next.


Garbo & Malloy Title Card

Mae watching Garbo & Malloy with her father

The Garbo & Malloy show first appears on the bus station television screen at the beginning of the game. Later, Mae and her father can watch them together most nights after Mae asks her father to move the boxes from the crawlspace.


  • During scenes where Mae watches this at home, Garbo and Malloy appear to be backwards on the TV screen, meaning Mae and her father are watching it with the screen reversed. This was most likely done so the player can see the show as well.
  • Unlike most characters, Garbo & Malloy's art is the only one that has a unique filter over them, making them look like they're on an older television screen.
  • The "coming up next" segues at the end of the episodes seem to vaguely foreshadow events throughout the game. Malloy mentions him and Garbo joining a cult, referring to the cult, as well as mentioning them going to therapy, possibly referring to Mae's therapy with Dr. Hank.