"Just a big mostly-empty thing in a big mostly-empty parking lot."
— Mae describing the current Fort Lucenne Mall

The Fort Lucenne Mall is a shopping center located in the unseen town of Fort Lucenne. The mall is only visited in the chapter, 'old gods of the Fort Lucenne Mall,' if Mae chooses to hang out with Bea during her first friend quest.


The mall is on the smaller side, only featuring a single story floor. The interior decor features a retro pastel color scheme that could further point to its dated origins. The center of the mall has the food court with a fish fountain in the center that squirts water at people if activated.

The mall also has a large parking lot that is almost always empty, though Bea doubts it had ever been filled even during better times. There is a Fishtastic on the other side of it.


Like Possum Springs, the mall is also a victim of the times, with many old businesses shuttered. Bea attributes the the mall's decline to the rise of the Internet. This downturn seems to have happened heavily during the five years since Mae had last visited.

Shops & Attractions


  • Atrium
  • Book Rook (Closed)
  • Dollar Empire
  • Food Court
    • Fish Fountain
    • Go-Fer
    • Smelterburger
  • Smelters Country
  • URevolution
  • Vibes Music


  • Arcade
  • Bookstore
  • Carousel