Dr. Hank is a doctor in Possum Springs, and treated Mae for her mental illness.


There isn't much known about Dr. Hank, other than that he is a medical doctor in or around Possum Springs. He is also the therapist, physiologist, and the dentist for Possum Springs. He was called in to diagnose Mae after the incident that occurred at the softball game.

He correctly diagnosed her, though with what is unknown, and prescribed her with a journal to help keep her 'grounded', which Mae claims works. He also told her to 'repress' her anger issues.

He also treated Selmers, providing her with a journal as well. This attempt was not very successful.


  • Bea considers Dr. Hank's treatment to be not very effective, almost ridiculous. She states that he should stick with standard medicine, rather than delve into mental illnesses as well.
  • Dr. Hank messed up something with one of Gregg's tooth fillings. Gregg thinks Dr. Hank kinda sucks, probably because he does everything.


(From the options menu)

  • "Count to ten!"
  • "Take a deep breath!"
  • "Take a nice walk!"
  • "Practice positive self-talk!"
  • "I.P.S: Identify possible solutions"
  • "...Smile!"
  • "Options... its good!"