Not to be confused with the achievement of the same name.

The Deep Hollow Hollerers, shorthanded as D.H.H., were a four member band in Possum Springs active around the 20s to 40s. They are a noteworthy group being a big piece of Possum Springs' history.


The Deep Hollow Hollerers were a premier dance band in Deep Hollow County, playing largely from their club, the Husker Bee Ballroom. Each member played a different instrument: violin, saxophone, tuba, and accordion. They played polkas, waltzes, and old tunes from the hills, from the 20s through the 40s, taking Possum Springs through its hard times.

Later as they got older, they started talking about taking trips out of their bodies to play for ghosts who pass through Possum Springs. The Husker Bee Ballroom became abandoned as the D.H.H. started playing in the woods on self-constructed band boxes. Eventually in November of 1949, the bodies of the band were found dead in the woods due to exposure, frozen to their instruments.

In the 60s, the group was featured on a famous anthology of Appalachian music.

Night in the Woods

Their ghosts are seen as the musicians in Mae's dreams, most likely playing for all the passing spirits as they had when they were alive.

Mae can learn about their history when the player manages to get both Sadie and Saleem to play together.


  • They could've been targeted by the Black Goat, as the "spirits" they were talking to could've been the singing referenced by the Cult.