Day 1 is the first experience any player would have while playing Night in the Woods. It starts immediately after the Prologue. It features Mae Borowski's brief struggle to return to Possum Springs after her parents forgot to pick her up at the Bus Station.





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Mae arrives at the bus station and welcomes herself, annoyed, upon realizing her parents didn't come to pick her up. She walks to the door as the TV show Garbo & Malloy play in the background and meets an old man who she soon learns to be the Janitor, who is fixing the Bus Station's door. Mae asks if she can squeeze past him but he denies as he claims the door is broken. When Mae asks when the door is going to be fixed, the Janitor answers that it will be as soon as she grabs him a Fiascola from the machine, free as in "no one is her to say otherwise". As Mae goes for it, the Janitor takes his time to drink the soda and asks her what is she doing at Possum Springs, which she responds that she used to live in town. The Janitor finds it strange, but when Mae asks again when the door is gonna be fixed, he answers "Now" and immediately leaves the station. 

Upon leaving, Mae notes that the Janitor had mysteriously disappeared, and again rambles at her parents not appearing to pick her up. Frustrated, she decides to walk home, cutting through the woods and the old playground. As she reaches the town limits, Mae goes through the fence, only to be found by her Aunt Molly, who is a cop. Molly threatens Mae to spend the first night back home in jail if she doesn't enter her car and as the girl angrily follows her instructions, Molly drops her at home.  

Upon coming home, Mae meets her dad, but she is too angry at him for not having picked up her at the station. He shyly says he had missed the day and tries to apologize, but Mae had such a bad night she doesn't listen and just walks back to her room to sleep. 


  • The number 47 can be found hidden many times through this day.
  • When Mae says she is not "dying in this hole', it might be a foreshadow to "the hole in the center of everything" that comes up later in-game.