The unnamed college town is where Bea drives Mae to one of Jackie's parties during her final friendship quest, proximity.


The college town is a large city with several high rises and hosts a significant college population. The Red Winder River also runs through the city, named due to its high iron content which turns the rocks in the water orange.


College Town is presumably where Jackie goes for their higher education and often hosts their college parties at. Bea is often invited by Jackie to come to these parties to help them experience the college lifestyle in spite of their inability to attend themselves.

Mae and Bea also came to this town as children to watch a play about Corvin the Thief when they were in the girl scouts.

The town itself is about a 90 minutes drive away from Possum Springs.

Night in the Woods

During Bea's final friendship quest, Mae will tag along with Bea to the college town to attend one of Jackie's college parties. The town is seen in two parts: the town streets and the nightclub where the party takes place at.

In the Club

Mae greeting Rick and Chris

When in the nightclub, Mae can find Rick and Chris, two college goers originally from suburban Bright Harbor. Mae will also meet Bombshell to the right of the dance floor, who will perform a secret handshake with Mae, revealing one of the three needed pentagrams for the Thryy Wyrd Tyyns achievement.

After Bea runs away from the party, Mae will need to find her and will run across the rooftops and streets of the college town to the Red Winder river. It is not possible to fail this event, though there are multiple paths that can be taken.