The coal mine is a key location in Night in the Woods and is the base of operations for The Cult.


The coal mine was created early on into Possum Springs' existence. It was seemingly a very successful project, with decent sums of money being made and the Trolley Tunnel was created to ferry the miners to the mine and back. It's closure marked the beginning of an economic downturn for Possum Springs, creating large amounts of unemployment. It is said that after the mines closed, they were briefly reopened to check for any missed minerals when Ed Skudder and his co-worker Jim found a pit that Jim fell into and apparently never hit the bottom of.

After calling out to his colleague, the Black Goat is said to have spoken to Ed and convinced him to gather sacrifices for it to eat and in return, the Black Goat would keep Possum Springs afloat. The Cult was formed soon after and they set up in the mine, taking any of their kidnapping victims down there and feeding them to the Black Goat by throwing them into the pit. Casey Hartley was supposedly one of these sacrifices.

Night in the Woods

Mae and her friends eventually confront the cult in front of the pit before leaving, but a surprise encounter with Eide leads to his death, a partial cave in and the destruction of the elevator, the only way out from the section containing "the hole at the end of everything". The band speculate afterwards about whether or not the cult survives or if they were buried alive or suffocated.


The beginning sections of the mine consist of mostly tunnels, but at the end is an open space that has been retrofitted into a makeshift church complete with pews. Leaving this room takes one down a dark tunnel that leads onto an elevator. Taking the elevator down leads onto the aforementioned pit that the Black Goat resides in.


  • At least some of the mine is underneath Germ's backyard and there is even an old well connecting the two.
  • Stan Borowski, Bruce, Angus' father and presumably Mae's grandfather all worked in the mine at some point or another.