Mae: "We should have gone to Pastabilities."

Gregg: "The diner has ambience!!!!"

Angus: "The seats are comfy."

Bea: "The food is terrible but it's got charm."

The Clik Clak Diner is a small town diner found in Possum Springs.


The Clik Clak Diner is found to the left of the Snack Falcon in Towne Centre, immediately before the Food Donkey. Its design is of a prefabricated "rail-car" style design with an Art Deco aesthetic, a design popular before the 1970s.

Inside are booths and the walls are decorated with photos of patrons along with other pictures mostly likely noteworthy to the diner or its owners. There is also a kitchen in which "barely" fits.

Some of their menu items of the diner include pizzas and pierogis.

Night in the Woods

The Clik Clak Diner can be seen at any time while Mae is in Towne Centre, though it cannot be entered or interacted with. The diner's interior is only seen during cutscenes.

Part 1: Home Again

The Gang Finds the Arm

Severed arm outside the diner

After the first band practice, Mae and the rest of the band head to the Clik Clak Diner for a group pizza outing. The interior is shown for the first time as the band talk about Mae's return and Casey's whereabouts. Afterward, they leave, only to find a severed arm outside of the diner.

Part 2: Weird Autumn

If the player opts to hangout with Gregg for his friend event, then the two will hang out at the diner for pierogis after moving the robot parts to Gregg's apartment. Here a pierogi tossing minigame can be played. Afterward, Gregg will tell Mae about his plans to head to Bright Harbor with Angus.

Part 3: The Long Fall

While there are no more interior scenes of the diner, Mae can encounter Danny outside next to the trashcans to the left side of the Clik Clak Diner. He tell Mae that he's working for the diner as both a grillman and a janitor in which he cooks and mops at the same time.