"Hope's important. It's the last thing you got."

— Bruce

Bruce is a homeless drifter who has taken up camp across the First Coalescence Church.


Bruce is an older-looking gray cat with a disheveled beard and rounded ears. He has yellow eyes with red irises and is constantly seen with a cigarette in hand which he periodically smokes. His attire consists of a white hoodie with black jacket and blue jeans.

Mae can often find him in various spots past the church and the statue of Saint Rubello.


Bruce was originally from a place northeast of Possum Springs. He worked many jobs, from railroads, mines, and construction. Back in the 70s, he was even in Possum Springs when they needed miners.

However, Bruce drifted to other places, though he soon found himself back in Possum Springs for a while after a string of bad luck.

Bruce also has a daughter, but he prefers not to talk about her for undisclosed reasons.

Night in the Woods

In the beginning of part 2, when the church becomes accessible, Mae can first meet both Bruce and Pastor K in front of his makeshift tent in the forest past the church. The pastor mentions she intends to find a way to help shelter Bruce before winter comes, though the City Council seems to disapprove.

Each day after, the player can continually find Bruce somewhere around in the forest or even once on the cliff and interact with him. He will often divulge bits of information about himself, though is not fully forthcoming about his past.

On the third day of Part 3, Bruce leaves Mae a message to give Pastor K that he intends to hop a train home, as he feels he is causing the pastor trouble by sticking around. He mentions that his daughter and her family are all expecting him. The next day Mae will find Pastor K in front of his tent with Bruce no where to be seen.

Bruce's ultimate fate is never revealed and is not seen again, even in the Epilogue. There is speculation as to whether or not Bruce really got on a train back to his home, or if that was simply an excuse to leave Possum Springs as he was feeling guilty about receiving Pastor K's help. Or even if The Cult captured him before he was able to board the train.


  • Bruce's character design was originally created by Charles Huettner.[1]


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