Britt, Karla and Pam are a trio of teenagers in goth attire who hang out, listen to music, and finish each other's sentences. They like to hang out on the cliff behind the church that overlooks the woods, just past Bruce's makeshift campsite. They can also be found in the cemetery.

When Mae first encounters the Tyyns they ask her cryptic questions that imply they know about Mae's unceremonious return to Possum Springs through the abandoned playground.


They all seem to be wearing Gothic-style clothes along with glasses. Britt (the raccoon) has a black jacket with a shirt under it, black pants, and along with green shoes. She has a cream and brown pattern and a green circle around his eye and a green nose. Karla (the cat) has a black shirt with an eye on it with black pants. Her fur is orange with a light patch of fur on the top of her head along with her nose and whiskers being a dark green. Pam (the rabbit) has a black jacket with a black shirt under it. She also wears black pants and tan shoes along with a crystal necklace. Her hair is dark green and her fur is a mint color. The three teens all wear glasses, Britt and Karla's being horn-rimmed, and Pam's being rimless.


All of them act as they are mysterious and know a lot about Possum Springs, but in reality, they are just teenagers. This is further shown by them telling Mae not to tell their parents where they are.


They are late-game characters. Their first appearance can be either during Bea's hang-out session, where Mae and her have to tell the teens one embarrassing story about their past, or just past Bruce's tent, during the last few days.

Their role is minor, they tell Mae to find three pentagrams for them, and once she does, to come back to them, and they'll tell her something about her future. Their final appearance is during the epilogue, they can be seen at their usual hang-out area, past Bruce's tent. You cannot interact with them during the epilogue.


  • In the Gamefiles, they are called (from left to right) Britt, Karla and Pam.
  • Despite the three teens wanting Mae to find three pentagrams for them, in exchange for them telling her something about her future, this never happens.
  • Their trophy requires the player to find three pentagrams throughout the game.