The Borowski Household is located in Possum Springs and is home to Stan Borowski, Candy Borowski, and Mae Borowski. The player typically starts and ends the day here and it is one of the first few areas the player will come across.


The entire house is comprised of three floors, the ground floor, the second floor, and the attic.

The ground floor is a small area comprised of the entrance, the living room, and the kitchen. In the morning, Mae's mother is in the kitchen. At night, Mae's father is on the couch, sometimes watching Garbo & Malloy.

The second floor has stairs leading to the ground floor and the attic, as well as two different doors, one heading to a storage room of sorts and another which is presumably leading to the parents' bedroom. There is a red bird, presumably a cardinal, and a bookshelf from Mae's grandfather. There is also a grandfather clock, which may be a pun.

Mae's bedroom takes up the entire attic and the player can choose to end the day here. Here, Mae's laptop can be accessed.

Night in the Woods

Part 1: Home Again

After Mae Borowski is arrested by Aunt Molly in the woods outside of Possum Springs she ends up back at her house. On the second day of Part one, Mae's laptop appears and becomes usable after Angus gives Mae a USB.

Part 2: Weird Autumn

Part 3: The Long Fall



  • It has been mentioned in-game that the Borowskis are at risk of losing this house.